Why you should build bespoke stables

Tuesday 29th August, 2017

With shows like Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces, building your own home has never been more popular, so why not lend your creativity to building your own stables? Having a purpose built stable block, can literally transform the way you care for your horse, making every day maintenance much easier.

When designing a stable for your horse, you can incorporate everyday elements such as integrated feeding troughs, water systems and tool storage. If you have an equestrian establishment with a more specific purpose, such as a stud yard or training centre then you will likely need specialised equipment such as larger stalls, recovery rooms and exercise areas. Here are some of stable designs that we love, so grab a cuppa and get inspired to make 2017 the year that you build your own stables.

Tack hacks

If you want to build bespoke stables, you need to think about what activities you do most often, what you struggle with in your current layout and what design hacks would make life easier. We have a perfect practical example with these timber stalls outside the exercise arena; the cut-out design to accommodate your tack when preparing to ride is just ingenious, as well as the spotlights for the darker winter days and nights.

Period property

What is not to love about this dream stable block? With whitewashed walls, feature windows and period fixtures and fittings, this is Victorian style barn is simply stunning. The spacious interior stables with iron dividers allow for plenty of ventilation as well as visibility, preventing the occupants from becoming bored. Use antibacterial stable paint to whitewash your walls and create a light airy environment for you horse.

Lofty heights

The lofty timber ceilings of this barn offer huge amounts of space and ventilation, and the skylights illuminate the area beautifully. Consult your designer to see how to best incorporate eaves and windows into your new build to replicate this Scandinavian-inspired ceiling.

Wooden wonders

If you lust after a natural, rustic look to your yard, then why not go for timber stables? This exposed beam style is surprisingly easy to recreate in an existing barn, or opt for timber cladding in a new build for a warm, inviting stable block.

L-shaped stables

One way to make the most of all the available space on your plot of land is with an L-shaped footprint. It is easy to see why the popularity of this traditional stable design never wanes, because the self-contained block protects your horses from the elements and also enables them to see one another when stabled.

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