Do horses need a stable?

Wednesday 25th May, 2022

Owning a horse is a pretty big commitment. So understandably, you may have a few questions about owning a horse. Chief among these may be do horses need a stable? ... read more

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Caring for old horses

Wednesday 27th April, 2022

Horses today live longer than they have in history. In fact, a domestic horse can live up to the grand old age of 62. To put that into perspective, that’s... read more

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How to worm a horse

Thursday 24th February, 2022

Let’s face it, horses are not invincible. At some point or another, every grazing horse will pick up various parasitic worms from their environment. But don’t worry! In order to... read more

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Lighting your stable

Monday 13th December, 2021

As the days grow shorter, lighting your stable will help you and your horse get through winter. Humans and horses alike need sufficient natural light. Cooler temperatures and limited sunshine... read more

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Keeping your horse healthy

Wednesday 1st December, 2021

Looking after a horse is a full-time job. Many of us will go above and beyond to make sure our horses are happy and healthy. Every day there’s more that... read more

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How to stop your horse getting bored in stables

Wednesday 16th December, 2020

Now that the weather is at its coldest, many horse owners are keeping their horses in stables overnight. Read our blog post on stabling your horse overnight here: Keeping... read more

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Can horses get COVID-19?

Tuesday 15th September, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole country feels like it’s been on high alert. As it’s a disease we’re still learning about, there’s a lot that we don’t know.... read more

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To clip or not to clip?

Friday 7th October, 2016

As the temperatures drop and we pull our winter woollies out of storage you could be forgiven for thinking that clipping a horse at this time of year is nothing... read more

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Rug right this winter

Saturday 5th December, 2015

As the sub-zero temperatures set in, horse owners everywhere are rifling through their rugs to ensure their equine friends are warm and toasty when turned out. Cold weather can be... read more

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What is horse blanketing?

Monday 5th October, 2015

Horse blanketing, or ‘rugging up’ is the practice of using blankets or rugs to provide your horse with warmth and protection against the elements, or to aid cooling and recovery... read more

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Mucking out made easy

Saturday 5th September, 2015

Being a horse owner is a privilege and a joy for many people across the country, yet along with our equine companions comes a whole lot of hard work, and... read more

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What are livery stables?

Friday 5th June, 2015

Livery stables are stables that are owned privately and opened up to other horse owners as a place to keep their horse in return for a weekly or monthly fee.... read more

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Common equine dental problems

Wednesday 5th November, 2014

Dental health is often at the forefront of our minds thanks to endless media campaigns advertising products that promise to strengthen and repair our teeth. In addition to regular brushing,... read more

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How to calm a spooked horse

Tuesday 5th August, 2014

How to calm a spooked horse. By nature, horses are flight creatures whose response to anything unusual or unnerving is to get away from the object in question as soon... read more

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How to lunge your horse

Saturday 5th July, 2014

Lungeing is an excellent tool to include in your horses exercise regime to build and maintain fitness and it is particularly useful for horses who cannot be ridden due to... read more

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Horse Grooming Tips

Saturday 5th April, 2014

Grooming is very important. Horses enjoy it and so do most horse owners. Ideally you should groom your horse every day, and it essential that you do so before riding... read more

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Horse Stable Requirements

Wednesday 5th March, 2014

When considering horse stable requirements it is helpful to think in terms of the requirements per horse; often stables are used to house several horses with each having an individual... read more

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