Six stunning stable colour schemes

Monday 5th September, 2016

Making a house a home is a much loved pastime of millions worldwide, but what about when it comes to creating a homely habitat for your horse? Horse stables are far more than just a practical place to keep your equine. Owners spend a great deal of time at the yard look after their horses and meeting other riders, meaning that their stables quickly become their centre of their social lives. Furthermore, horses who are regularly stabled can spend upwards of 10 hours in their stall a day, therefore why not make your stables more welcoming with a stunning colour scheme? Painting your walls, floors and more is an easy stable style solution that couldn’t be simpler, and in our opinion the bolder the better. Here we have compiled a list of six creatively coloured stables and barns to inspire you to update your yard in seconds.

Seeing Red

Grey is undoubtedly the colour du jour in 2016, but we love how this chic shade is paired with a bright red roof that really stands out.

Seeing red

Blue Beauty

This calming shade of blue is easy on the eye and sympathetic to its surroundings, creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you don’t want to commit to a total blue overhaul, then why not try painting just the roof or doors first?

Blue beauty

It’s All White

Don’t fancy a block colour in your barn? Why not create a light airy space with a white wash on every wall. This is by far the easiest and transformation for stables of any size, and it is probably one of the most effective too.

It's all white

Another Brick In the Wall

If you are up for a real stable style make over, then how about some beautiful bespoke brickwork? The lovely curved lines and warm rustic effect of these bricks create a unique yet practical style that will suit any stable.

Another brick

Stone The Crows

If brick feels a bit too industrious we love the idea of using natural stone like this stable below. Whether you opt for a natural stone wall or a façade, this stone stable wall will create a striking feature on any yard.

Stone the crows

Rustic Charm

This lovely stable design is both warm and rustic thanks to its wooden panelling, yet the cream walls add a modern twist to the style. Black metal detailing adds a bold feature against the pale surfaces.

Rustic charm

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