Do you need planning permission for a mobile field shelter?

Wednesday 24th February, 2021

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Planning permission can seem difficult to navigate and easier to go ahead without. This is part of the appeal of getting a mobile field shelter. One of the biggest advantages to a mobile field shelter is that in most circumstances you won’t need planning permission to build it. However, this isn’t always the case, and there are some situations where you’ll need permission before investing in a portable structure. 

So, when will you need planning permission for a mobile field shelter?

First off – what is a mobile field shelter?

Many people opt for a mobile field shelter as temporary shelter or a quick solution. They’re also handy if you know you’ll need to move it often or you don’t own the paddocks you keep your horses in, with the added benefit of usually not needing planning permission. 

A mobile field shelter can be built similarly to a regular stable, with the main difference being that the structure is built on skids. These skids are what make the structure portable and towable. To find out more, see our mobile field shelters here.

Planning permission – who needs it?  

99% of the time you won’t need planning permission for a mobile field shelter. However, there are regulations you need to meet. You’ll need to know for sure that you don’t fall into any of the categories that need planning permission before investing in your field shelter. 

Here are a few of the situations that require planning permission: 

  • Your land is over-developed. If you’ve already built multiple permanent structures on your land (like a stable, a studio, an office, or a garage) then your land might be considered overdeveloped and you may need to apply for planning permission. However if your land is already overdeveloped it’s possible your application may be turned down. 
  • You want to build on the land belonging to a listed building. Developing the land around listed properties can be difficult, even if you’re only building temporary/portable structures. 
  • The land you want to build on is in a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Similar to the land around listed properties, it can be tricky to develop land in National parks. 

If none of these situations apply to you, you still might not be out of the woods. With local councils cracking down on planning permissions, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re planning on installing a mobile field structure as a permanent building, you could be in trouble. Many people flout planning permission rules by installing mobile buildings with no intention of moving them. In order to ensure you don’t fall afoul of planning laws, the council will expect a few things of your mobile shelter. 

Here’s what you need:

  • The ability to demonstrate that you have a means of moving the shelter
  • To move the shelter regularly
  • To demonstrate that you will seek advice about planning permission if you want to put a base down. 

Basically, you just need to be able to prove that your mobile shelter is, well, mobile.

So do I need planning permission for my mobile field shelter?

Even if you don’t think you’ll need planning permission and you’re going to frequently move your mobile field shelter, planning permission can be complex and nuanced. It can be tricky to know what applies to you without expert advice. Whilst it’s probable that you won’t need planning permission, it’s important to know where you stand. 

Planning permission is an issue we are often asked about before building our bespoke structures. It’s a big concern before making an investment.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about mobile field shelters or any of our other products. You can also take a look at our How to Buy page. Not only do we design, provide and deliver bespoke and high quality garden buildings, but we also fully install them.  We have a team of experts on hand who are happy to help you with the process.

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