Our mobile field shelter sizes

Mobile field sheltersWe manufacture a large range of standard sizes starting from 8’x10′ smallholder range up to 12’x36′. To make your building mobile we offer 3 options of skids. Pressure treated timber skids are the least expensive, suitable for less regular use.

The most popular is our unique 80x40mm galvanised steel skids, for regular towing and a low threshold for your horse to step over or to get a leg caught – we supply these on over three quarters of our shelters. We also offer 100×100 galvanised steel skids for those who wish to upgrade.

Our mobile field shelters range from 8’x10′ to 12’x36′, designed with either a single 6’ or double 6′ wide openings that can be fitted with slip rails or galvanised steel gates. Every mobile field shelter is fitted with 11mm OSB kick boards to a height of 4′. Upgrades are available to 12mm ply or 18mm OSB.

Roofing and guttering for our field shelters

Mobile field shelters roofingAll our standard mobile field shelters have a lined overhang to the front, the 10’ deep model has an 800mm overhang, 12’ models have 1100mm. Shiplap lining can also be an option.

Onduline roofing can be ordered in black, green, red or brown and is always lined with OSB to prevent sagging and withstand strong winds. If looks are high on your agenda, Onduvilla Tiles are particularly popular. However top of the range are Cedar shingles which will be the envy of all who see them, and with a lifetime of over 30 years are very reasonable value. Galvanised box profile and P6 Fibre cement are available on request.

We always advise guttering to the front of your mobile field shelter where moisture will collect in the entrance, the back is more a matter of preference.  Leaf guards are also available if required.

Inside of your mobile field shelter

Mobile field sheltersWe are often asked to provide rubber matting for our buildings. Solid 17mm mats reduce or eliminate the need for bedding in the shelter and have a positive effect on the health of your horse’s feet. Rubber or plastic grass mats also have great advantages in the entrance of your shelter, helping to bind the ground and spread the weight of your equine.





Delivery and installation

We manufacture all our timber buildings on site in our Warwickshire factory. Keeping a large stock of standard sized, complete stables enables us to keep delivery times to a minimum.  We can often produce bespoke panels within 4-7 days.

We offer a full installation service for all our mobile field shelters for customers throughout the whole of the UK. Having erected stables all over the UK we are always happy to find you an example of our work so you can fully appreciate the quality of our products.