What we provide

we-provide-timber-stablesOur team will provide floor plans so that your builders can lay a concrete base (we can erect on other surfaces – please discuss with our team). Your concrete base should be at least 4-6″ thick, and should be slightly bigger than your stable block. We recommend an apron of approx 4-6″ around the building. A single course of semi engineering bricks should be laid to the specification of the floor plan provided. This will ensure the building is square as well as holding the wooden stable out of any moisture and prolong its life. If you prefer we can supply a galvanised steel plinth in place of bricks or we can place your building straight onto concrete if required.

Our aim is to maintain our long-established reputation for top quality. We use only the best raw materials. We often win work by word of mouth recommendations which is why we always work hard to ensure all our customers are completely happy with the product they have chosen. We believe we can offer you a quality product at great value for money.

All our timber is sourced from Sweden and Siberia. The reason for this is simple; woodland in colder climates is very slow growing, this produces a denser timber with tight growth rings, in turn closer rings reduce shrinkage, twisting and splitting. All our timber is pressure treated with Tanalith ‘E (BS EN 335-1).
Ever since building timber stables we have lined our Onduline roofs with 11 OSB. We feel this to be essential in any stable building. This not only prevents sagging, but the lining also provides incredible strength within the structure. Vale Stables is quite unique in offering this as standard.

Stable roofing and overhangs

stable-roofsOnduline roofing can be ordered in black, green, red or brown and as mentioned above is always lined with OSB to prevent sagging and withstand strong winds. We can increase our standard overhang from 1200mm (4’) to 1650mm (5’6″) as well as lining it with tongue and groove for a truly stunning finish. If looks are high on your agenda Onduvilla tiles are particularly popular. Galvanised box profile and P6 Fibre cement are available on request.

Vale Stables bespoke stables

We always advise guttering to the front of your loose box, whereas the back of the stable is more a matter of preference. Leaf guards are also available if required.

Doors and windows

stable-hingesAs standard we supply just the lower door, which is fully furnished with galvanised fittings, hinges and a 50mm chew strip fitted to the top of all doors. We only supply the lower door because in our experience a large portion of our customers consider it an unnecessary expense to include two doors as both doors are rarely shut.  However we do offer top doors as an option.

Ventilation and lighting are important factors

For ventilation we recommend a rear top door, louver windows, and gable vents. Clear roof sheets are by far the most effective method of allowing natural light in. We also have a wide range of windows available – please see our stable options PDF.


Delivery and installation

We manufacture all our timber buildings on site in our Warwickshire factory. Keeping a large stock of standard sized, complete stables enables us to keep delivery times to a minimum. We can often produce bespoke panels within 4-7 days.

We offer a full installation service for all our timber loose boxes for customers throughout the whole of the UK. Having erected wooden stables all over the UK we are always happy to find an example of our previous work so you can fully appreciate the quality of our products