Generating Income with Timber Buildings on Your Land

Tuesday 12th March, 2024

Generating Income with Timber Buildings with a Dog Kennels.

Generating income with timber buildings can be a great way to utilise your land. Whether this is through renting it out as a storage unit, offering dog kennel services, or using it for guest accommodation, timber buildings offer a multitude of income opportunities. At Vale Stables, we offer a range of timber buildings with bespoke designs to provide exactly what you need.

Timber is an incredibly durable material and offers great value for money. Our team of experienced experts can help you choose the correct timber building for whatever purpose you like. From events to dog kennels, our timber buildings have massive potential to make you extra money.

Is Your Land Suitable?

Firstly, make sure your land is suitable. Is there enough space for your building? Is your local area appropriate for this land use? Assess whether your neighbours might be affected by noise from 10 barking dogs and whether a storage unit might be more suitable.

Why Choose Timber Buildings?

Here at Vale Stables, we offer a bespoke timber garage and carport service that would be a great income stream for you to rent out to people looking for a storage unit. Our timber originates from  from Sweden and Estonia due to their slow-growing woodlands, resulting in denser timber with tight growth rings, reducing shrinkage, twisting, and splitting. 

Not only do our timber buildings look luxurious on your property, but they are lockable with double doors and offer insulation and protection from the elements, making it a perfect environment for storage.

Generating Income with Timber Buildings by Hosting Guests

Do you live in an idyllic location where tourists swarm year after year? Why not convert your unused land with one of our timber garden buildings and make some extra cash? Our timber garden rooms can be as modest or luxurious as you like.

Our timber buildings offer the perfect opportunity to become a holiday-let host and generate income by renting out your timber building to visitors looking for a cosy, blissful stay in the countryside.

Generating Income with Timber Buildings by Hosting an Event

Fancy hosting an event on your land? Our range of timber offices might just be what you’re looking for. Equipped with shelves, counters, storage space, or anything else you require. Our timber offices have an abundance of uses such as weddings, concerts, markets, shows and so much more. 

Generating Income with Timber Buildings by Starting a Dog Kennels

Are you a dog lover and looking to turn your land into a money maker? Why not invest your land and money into creating dog kennels? We offer a variety of dog kennels for you to choose from. 

Whether you prefer a smaller business with our day kennels or a slightly bigger business where our country kennels might be more suitable. We have timber buildings that can transform your land into the side hustle you always dreamt about.

Start Generating Income Today with Vale Stables

There are of course lots of things to consider such as zoning regulations in your local area, local regulations, and personal commitment to the project. However, many of our timber buildings do not require planning permission. That is suitable for whatever business you desire, helping you to generate income from your land.

Contact us today and our friendly team of timber experts will be in touch. What are you waiting for? Let us help you start generating income on your land with one of our bespoke timber buildings today.

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