How to keep your horse safe over the holidays

Monday 17th December, 2018

We all love making Christmas magical for our families, so why not extend the festivities to the yard? If you are thinking of making your stables seasonal then read on to find out why your decorations could spell disaster for your horse.

Tangled Up

Garlands instantly add a bit of the festive spirit when wound round windows and door frames. However tinsel and artificial greenery can pose a huge threat if ingested. Not only could they cause a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract, but tinsel and string garlands can have a cheese-wire effect within the concertina of the gut. Emergency surgery would be your horse’s only option, so steer clear of garlands in and around the stable.

Snow Fun

At the centre of any busy yard are the purpose-built stables themselves, and there may seem nothing more fun than adding snow spray to create a frosty effect. But using such sprays on your horse’s windows can be damaging. Inquisitive muzzles may lick the windows and ingest the chemicals, leading to respiratory or digestive upset. Don’t risk your horse’s health for the sake of a snowflake or two.

Poison Pines

Fancy getting a Christmas tree for the yard? Think again. Pine is actually fatal to horses if eaten in great quantity. Fortunately, toxic trees aren’t tasty and horses are often unaffected if just grabbing a sneaky nibble. However, greedier horses or those on restricted pasture may go overboard and this can cause problems. Find out which trees are safe, and in the meantime keep your yard Christmas-tree free this year.

Present Problems

We love stockings, but don’t be tempted to hang one outside your stable. Horses are curious creatures and if stabled for extended periods of time they may munch through the material if hung within reach. Be mindful of the stocking contents, polo packets are great providing your horse doesn’t eat the wrapping too. We recommend just adding carrots and apples to make sure your four-legged friend stays safe this season.

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