The 5 most interesting/ luxurious horse stables in the world

Wednesday 5th March, 2014

While most horses, just like the rest of us, have to put up with a little inconvenience in their stables now and again (after all it doesn’t do them any harm if they are not mollycoddled all of the time, it helps keep them fit and tough), some horses seem to live the life of Riley (not that anyone knows who Riley was or indeed whether or not he was a horse). Certainly the horses in these horse stables would seem to have most of the luxuries that wouldn’t be out of place in a five star hotel, but then neither would their owners and riders.

Rallywood Farm

Rallywood Farm, the full address is 5447 Rallywood Farm Lane, The Plains, Virginia, recently went on sale for $4.5 million. It is described as an architectural masterpiece located on the edge of Middleburg. The 54 acre equestrian estate includes what is described as a “magnificent 12 stall stable with every amenity”.

In fact the stable is so integrated with the residence that the horses get to dine in style with their owners; certainly it is an unusual life style and not at all bad for the asking price.

Simi Valley, California

As part of a $35.5 million worth or real estate, the “Hunter Jumper” equestrian centre is built in a style that resembles a Spanish-style dwelling with all the amenities a horse could hope for. As well as these luxurious and extremely well appointed stables in the Californian Simi Valley, the equestrian home includes a Grand Prix arena, a Derby Grass arena, a rubber and sand mixed ring, and 60 stalls.

Not at all a bad place for an equestrian lover to get away for a few days trekking in the flat lands of the Simi valley and the rolling lowlands of the Santa Susana Mountains.

Waiki’i Ranch

This is in fact a 53 acre luxury equestrian estate. Located on Hawaii, it is described as a “world class architectural accomplishment and most luxurious and highly functioning equestrian estate in the state”, and that just the part for the horses. Even the saddlery is air conditioned and has an expensive looking patterned carpet on the floor. This is the peak of Hawaiian luxury that can be enjoyed equally by horse and rider.

Selman Hotel & Stables, Marrakech, Morocco

This is one of a new breed of hotel and stables that provides luxury accommodation for horses and people. The horses are mostly Arabian thoroughbreds that live in the same kind of opulent style as the humans who come to ride them. The horses have state-of-the-art, the freedom of open pastures, and five-star grooming while the humans can enjoy spa treatments.

The property is set in a six hectares park that is said to provide the ultimate in terms of tranquillity and natural beauty. There are a dozen purebred Arabians along with a number of horses for trekking, several ponies along with six outdoor paddocks. There are also a number of bars, restaurants and an 80 meter swimming pool.

Belle De Harlequin’s bespoke stable with entertainment

Perhaps not quite in the category of the above, but when Belle De Harlequin (aka Betty Bumps) was forced to retire from show jumping due to injury her proud owner Vicky Davies decided to provide with a luxury stable with all her trophies on display, all the horse treats she could wish for, a grooming station and the pièce de résistance, a 52 inch HD TV and a Sky package so that she could watch the show jumping on screen.

Betty Bumps is probably the most pampered horse in Britain, but did she enjoy watching the action? According to Ms Davies she did, and even seemed to recognise some of her fellow stable mates.

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