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Thursday 3rd November, 2022

horses in decorated stables

Once you’ve got your beautiful new clad stable erected and your horse is well settled in their new home, you might want to become the envy of your fellow horsey network by decorating your stable. 

Before we get all silly with frills and LED lights, practicality and safety of course are at the heart of any decorating project. 

Getting your stable to reflect your and your horses personality as well as be a totally functional space is a fine art. Seeing as you spend half your life down the stables, why not add a little sparkle to your stable which might just put a smile on your face at 5.30am when you’re mucking out. 

Major refurbishments to the interior of your stable 

If you’re looking for a total refurbishment when decorating your stable, we’re here to help. You might be considering revamping your stable doors and grills to give your stable that ‘wow’ factor.  

From pressure treated softwood, hardwood (Keruing) and recycled plastic, you can have the finish and look your horse deserves. Chew plates and swivel mangers and easy fill hayracks are a popular option especially in full livery yards where time is at a premium. 

You can choose solid partitions or half solid/half grill partitions between the internal stables for all of your horses needs and personality types.

Get in touch with us at Vale Stables to get your stable quote today.

Using what you’ve got to decorate your stable

Riders and horse owners alike will understand that there is always an accumulation of ‘bits and bobs’. From your saddle, bridle, bit, stirrups, reins, cinch, blanket/saddle pad, spurs, you can pretty much use it all to create changeable and festive looking displays throughout the year when decorating your stable. 

Hanging stirrups with battery powered candles

Attach the stirrups to the stable ceiling and hang with metal hooks. Double check the attachment and make sure there is no chance of  anything falling. Super glue the candle to the stirrup with the switch exposed on the bottom for you to switch on. Remember to switch on and off as you leave.

A pop of colour in your stable 

Adding a pop of colour to either the entrance stable doors or your horses individual doors will make your stables a slightly warmer space. Make sure you treat the wood before painting or research non-prime wood paints which are available at most DIY shops.

Be careful not to paint where your horse might file or grind their teeth. Paint can be toxic and the last thing you’ll want is the additional cost of a vet bill on top of decorating.

Accessories and storage 

For your horse 

Have you considered getting a bespoke name plaque made for your horse’s stable? 

A personalised name plaque is the perfect way to add character to the space when decorating your stable and for your horse to know they have a special place just for them.

For you 

A couple of wooden chairs with sheepskin thrown over could provide a perfect space to get your riding boots on or sort out your reins. Just because the stable has to be functional, it doesn’t mean it can’t feel cosy. You could also put some old rugs down in a small break out area. 

Charity shops always have some great bargains which won’t make you wince if they get muddy. Once you’ve put your horse in their stable, you might fancy taking a sip of tea from your flask at the end of the day. Take a look at Rallywood Farm. You might not have the same budget but you can still create a very desirable breakout area for you and your other riders.

For everyone 

Give your tack room the make over of dreams. Using reclaimed wooden boxes from any home store or even from around the yard, make some shelves from old bits of timber and either decorate with paint or leave rustic. Your boxes can be used as useful storage draws. 

Festive decorations 

From events to decorations throughout the festive periods, you can create table decorations to free standing displays that really brighten the stable.

Set up table decorations in the middle of the stable 

You can use your stable for small events over the festive period by placing a long table in the centre and decorating it above with hanging stirrup candles and festive placemats and plates. Be sure to keep these out of reach of the horses. 

Set up festive displays 

Using your riding equipment and some foliage, you can create gorgeous displays at the entrance of the stables for all to enjoy. Using pumpkins and golden leaves for autumn and ferns and tartans for Christmas.  

Keeping your stable decorations safe 

You’ll be more cautious of the safety of your horse than anyone, but here’s a few points to keep in mind once your decorations are actually up and running. 

Toxic decorations your horse shouldn’t be exposed to

Any new decorations or additions to the stable immediately become of great fascination to your horse. Never underestimate their ability to reach their necks. The last thing you want is to be calling the vet as your horse has ingested something they shouldn’t.  

Mistletoe and holly can be toxic to your horse. Furthermore, berries are even more so. There are other hazards to your horse’s health such as damage to the throat and digestive system. 

These plants contain several toxins that can also cause symptoms of colic, tremors and problems with their heart rate. 

Are your stable decorations fire safe?

Lights and candles can really make your stable look like an instagram dream but the fire risk is far too great to ever consider having them in the stable. Instead of candles, use battery powered candles which you should switch off as you leave in the evening. 

LED lights are a great alternative to halogen and incandescent bulbs. These bulbs can get really warm and generate a dangerous amount of heat if left unattended. 

Again, remain mindful when putting up LED lights to make sure they are out of reach from your horse.

Are your decorations a hazard to anyone else using the stables?

Your little festive display looks great but the risk of tripping and falling has now increased and they are blocking a fire exit. Oups. With every good intention you have of making the stable a warm and welcoming place, just be mindful of how everyone uses the space especially if you’re in a shared stable. 

At Vale Stables, we provide a range of bespoke horse stables built by highly skilled craftsmen perfect for horses of any size. To find out more, get in touch today by phoning us on 01789 766 533 or emailing

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